Our impact video below highlights the amazing difference you make to the University, 学生, 其广泛的研究主题和灿烂的遗产和文化. 





2017年,必赢bwin手机app推出了4英镑.5 million appeal to develop a world-class Cancer 研究 Programme 和 in May 2019 we were thrilled to announce that, 感谢许多捐助者的大力支持, 必赢bwin手机app实现了这个雄心勃勃的目标. 必赢bwin手机app对你感激不尽.


无论你捐出了1000英镑还是100万英镑,都是有区别的. It has allowed us to exp和 our team of researchers with Professor Valerie Speirs joining us as Chair in Molecular Oncology in 2018. The research that you support will help ensure that cancer patients at the new ANCHOR Centre 和 Baird Family Hospital will receive the finest care.


Seen alongside Professor Speirs above 和 with her skateboard below is volunteer fundraiser 伊莱恩 Shallcross. 去年,整个发展 & 当伊莲在与癌症的斗争中失败时,校友关系团队都崩溃了. She was one of the many supporters who helped us reach our target which was particularly important for 伊莱恩 和 to which she was completely dedicated. 她的父母都死于癌症, has a brother who has been successfully treated 和 was herself diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018.


伊莱恩在她与这种可怕的不分青红皂白的疾病的英勇斗争失败之前, 伊莱恩给自己定下了筹集10英镑的目标,000 for the University’s breast cancer research by knitting 和 selling a beautiful range of ‘Bressie无檐小便帽的 帽子和其他物品,如无指手套和耳套, 以及一系列华丽的婴儿用品. 也, 随着她69岁生日的临近, she committed to practising 和 performing a skateboarding trick for her birthday. Her #SHUVITCANCER campaign was an unbelievable success with a whole new audience now interested in her fundraising which had reached almost £40,在她死的时候.


伊莱恩 chose to support the University’s breast cancer research after being inspired by Professor Valerie Speirs’ work in identifying biomarkers which 伊莱恩 hoped would mean future generations, 包括她的女儿和孙女, could benefit from early diagnosis 和 management resulting in improved survival rates. 伊莱恩对这所大学也有很深的感情, having worked in the library service for nearly 24 years before she retired in 2016.


非常感谢你,伊莱恩. 你过去是,现在也是.





Every year the 发展信任 receives significant support from donors around the world who give generously 和 regularly to enable life-changing opportunities for students through the Student Experience Fund.


Thanks to funding the AU Taekwon-Do Club (AUTKD) was able to subsidise a trip for five members to attend a Taekwon-Do Training Camp in Moffat in June 2019.


俱乐部主席Michelle Truong说:必赢bwin手机app每天训练大约7个小时, 户外和室内, 尽管整个周末都在下雨. The training was varied 和 covered a broad range of Taekwon-Do aspects which all helped improve our current skills. We would start the day with stretching early in the morning 和 moving on to more intense exercises during the day including sparring, 打破和模式. 与会者也被鼓励在晚上继续培训, but in a more informal 和 social setting with the presence of black belts for guidance 和 advice. Team work was also emphasised during the weekend by incorporating team-building exercises during training 和 having Taekwon-Do related games during the evenings. There were also students from Dundee University 和 St Andrews University attending 和 friendships flourished between the members of the different clubs.


The Student Experience Fund made it possible for the club to subsidise the training camp fees, 使必赢bwin手机app的会员价格易于管理,以鼓励出席. The committee wanted to provide all members who were enthusiastic with the chance to attend regardless of their economic background 和 we already have signups for next year’s camp.


如果成员们用一个词来描述这个夏令营,那将是鼓舞人心的. By the end their techniques had noticeably improved 和 their motivation was boosted. Our members had a great attitude during the whole weekend 和 were open to try new things, 比如第一次打破木板和瓦片. 整体, our members enjoyed the training camp 和 learned skills useful for their Taekwon-Do journey.


最后一点, the committee is extremely thankful for the funding we received which made it possible for our club to offer this amazing event to our members.”

支持必赢bwin手机app的遗产 & 文化


"苏格兰占领了曼哈顿" - the words of Sir Ringo Starr after listening to the 必赢bwin Chapel Choir, 由必赢bwin手机app自己的作曲家指挥给皇家教授Paul Mealor, 2018年11月,在明星云集的联合国儿童基金会雪花舞会上表演.

甲壳虫乐队传奇, 和其他900位客人一起, had spent the evening being wowed by the 35-strong student choir who were joined on stage by GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow. Sir Ringo was in attendance to receive the George Harrison Humanitarian Award 和 the Choir's setlist, 由阿伯丁校友约翰·弗雷德里克·哈德森博士安排, 包括哈里森的 我亲爱的上帝, 从朋友那里得到一点帮助太阳来了 结束了这个夜晚.

Mealor教授说:这真是必赢bwin手机app纽约之旅的完美结束. Sir Ringo 和 Olivia Harrison were so brilliantly complementary of our singing 和 he even said later that we were the best bit of the night. 必赢bwin手机app永远不会忘记它."

The Choir's trip to New York also saw them perform at a choral evensong service at the magnificent Cathedral of St John the Divine. Opera star 和 阿伯丁 honorary graduate Dr Jessye Norman was in attendance for the service 和 afterwards posed for a photograph with the Choir - a moment made poignantly memorable for those involved following the death of Dr Norman in September 2019.

在纽约英国公馆的招待会上, 唱诗班在圣安德鲁节的庆祝活动中招待客人. 他们的节目迷住了客人,包括安排 塞尔扣克的恩典, 把灯调亮加勒多尼亚.

The Choir's trip to New York showcased wonderfully the rich cultural heritage that exists within the University. It was only possible thanks to the generosity of donors who believe in the power of life-changing experiences to broaden the horizons of our students 和 we cannot thank them enough.